Thursday, May 25, 2006

HNT - The Final Standoff

Continued From HNT - Alex Attacks
As Alexander was struggling under the mighty attack of Darth and his clones, and just as he was about to give up, a disembodied voice came to him.
"Alex," It was the voice of Mister Bunny.
"Mister Bunny," Alexander said. "Why are you coming to me in a vision as if you've died?"
"I have died," Mister Bunny said. "I died of old age waiting for this damn Darth Tater story to end. I'm here to give you advice, young friend. Use the forks!"
"I would if I could," Alexander said. "But I don't see any forks around here."
"Hmm," Mister Bunny said. "What about the farce? Can you use the farce?"
"Hasn't this farce gone on long enough?" Alexander responded. "C'mon! Give me something to use here, man!"
Mister Bunny's specter started to fade, and as it did he said this: "Just remember, you're stronger than you seem, braver that you believe and smarter than you think . . ."
"Oh sure, it's not bad enough that you're a bizarre spoof of Yoda and Obi-Wan, but now you're ripping off the advice that Christopher Robin tells Winnie The Pooh in "The Search for Christopher Robin"
Fed up, Alexander broke free from the hold Darth had on him, fell to the floor, and launched an all-out attack on the clones, smashing them with a series of punches, chops and kicks.
Wailing out a steady battle cry, he kept kicking and punching and chopping at them until they were nothing but a pile of Tater parts on the ground. And, with just his main nemesis of Darth Tater left, he lifted him into the air . . .
. . . and put him into a special Jedi-inspired arm-lock.
"Do you give, do you give?" Alexander said, with an iron-tight grip on his foe.
"I give, I give," Darth Tater said. "But, please put me down, I have something important to say . . ."
To Be Continued in HNT - All This Violence
So what gives with this whole HNT thing ?
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Rebecca said...


You've kept me on the edge of my seat all week waiting to see what would happen!!


S said...

That is one amazing kid you have there. I would feel safe having him at home! HHNT

lecram sinun said...

Dang... that action sequence had me on the edge! Cheers and Happy HNT!

Lee Ann said...

Love it...he is sooo adorable!
Happy HNT!

Solitaire said...

Good goin Alex! Get that Darth!


Mia said...

awwwww! this is so cute. happy hnt!

Anonymous said...

Go Alex Go!!

Use the farce :) ... LOL
Great Job


Anonymous said...

What a super hero!!!
Can't wait for the rest :)

Leesa said...

Very cool series! HHNT :)

T - Another Geek Girl said...

It never will end will it?
It will just go on and on.
I don't mind. I'm kind of enjoying the ride.


keda said...

marvelous little storm trooper you have there!

happy hnt*

Suze said...

What a lovly boy, go Alex, go Alex.

Happy HNT to both of you ;)

lime said...

LOL!!!! the looks on his face and the little 'pow' 'chop' additions are a stitch! i love this. if lucas can string his sequels out ad infinitum, so can you. yours are far more entertaining! happy HNT!

Phain said...

Brilliant!!! Absolutely hands down my favorite HNT series of ALL TIMES!

Anonymous said...

Very Funny Mark!

Blondie... said...

I have to say, I never get tired of the tater's revenge or the revenge upon the

Spectacular post Mark!!

Happy HNT

Rainypete said...

Popped that spud right in the eye!

paitl1 said...

LMAO at the "I died of old age waiting for this damn Darth Tater story to end." line. I thought Darth Tater was finally done this time, but i can't wait to here what he has to say next time. Happy HNT!

Ameratis said...

Love it! Go Alex! Poor Mr. Bunny died from waiting LoL! Use the forks, use the farce, oh use something! ha ha :) Keep up the fabtabulous work, Mark

The Imp

me said...

Another fun installment -- until next week, happy HNT! May the farce be with you!

Franny said...

OMG he is getting so big! (I know ppl always say that, but it is so TRUE!!!)

Zephyr said...

Ok so he can't use the forks or the farce... my kids would use the farts (yes, the middle child can fart on command... he's quite skilled.)

We'll hope Alex doesn't have that skill, but I'm sure he has some other skill that will serve him equally well.

Happy HNT... better late than never! :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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