Thursday, August 07, 2008

HNT - Science North

Last week we were in Sudbury for a few days, and spent one rainy afternoon at Science North.

The building for Science North is a giant snowflake shape, but looks more like this giant flying saucer has nestled itself between two large rock outcrops on the shore of Lake Ramsey in Sudbury. (Incidentally, this is the world's largest freshwater lake within the boundaries of a single city -- okay, that status changed when the City of Sudbury amalgamated and incorporated a gigantic area -- there's a larger lake 20 KM northeast, but this lake is still spectacular because it's within a 2 minute drive from downtown Sudbury, and in my mind that counts more)

Science North has plenty of fun things to do for the entire family, all geared around learning about different things about science and the environment and we could have spent two or three full days there -- Alexander could have spent two or three entire days playing at the large "Erosion" table where you get to play with sand and water and build dams, water conduits, etc.

Similarly, we had a great time playing in the giant Lego room and could have spent the entire day there -- we built a giant tower that we were able to make 7 feet tall thanks to some Daddio/Zander teamwork. Man but what I wouldn't do to have that many blocks available in our home. A man can drea, though, can't he?

There is an awesome cavern through the rock that leads into Science North and which I've always loved. (Science North was originally created in the 80's and I've had the pleasure of visiting it dozens of times over the past few decades - but there's always something new and exciting to discover with each visit)

And that's where I took the offical HNT shot for this week's post. After taking the picture above of Alexander and Francine walking through and exploring the cavern, I just couldn't resist turning the camera on my own smiling face.

Hmm, I'm starting to collect a good deal of these shots and wonder if I might create an album of just these shots -- call them the Mark turns the camera on him own giant head series.

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lime said...

oh man, i love these sorts of places. they are just too fun. as for the lego room, having a really tall daddy must have come in very handy for alexander! woohoo!

now i wanna go to the one a couple hours from our house. i just need a couple of little kids.