Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Planes, Trains and Automobiles meets Logan

 My latest book in the Canadian Werewolf series, Stowe Away, which launched today, has been described as "Planes, Trains and Automobiles meets Logan."

Perhaps because it's about a man with enhanced strength and senses (a la the character of Wolverine) on a cross-country road trip with a young girl who is he trying to protect; but with some of the misadventures, detours, and slight humor of the John Hughes classic.

Stowe Away: A Canadian Werewolf Novella

Stowe Away (Book 1.5) is a novella length story that takes place about one year after the events in A Canadian Werewolf in New York (Book 1), and about another year before the events in Fear and Longing in Los Angeles (Book 2), which is releasing in Feb 2021.

Michael Andrews is an Alpha Wolf and Beta Human trying to live a normal life in the Big Apple while living with the side-effects of being a werewolf. During the right phase of the moon, he turns into a grey wolf, with no control, or memory of the experience from his human brain.

In the novel, Michael is desperate to get to Stowe, Vermont, to be there for his best friend, Gail. Without a driver's license or a passport, he is unable to rent a car or fly there, so he boards a train. Only, there are a couple of challenges in his way:

  • The train arrives about half an hour after sunset, and it's "that time of the month" for this werewolf
  • There is a young woman being stalked by a human predator and Michael being Michael, is obligated to ensure her safety and escape from harm 

The book (and the previous titles in the series) is part of a re-branding, and is available in Print (Hardcover and Trade Paperback), eBook, and Audiobook simultaneously. The audiobooks are read by Scott Overton.

Stowe Away and the other books in the series, are available to order through most online bookstores, through your favorite local bookstore, as well as via your local library.

Sunday, August 16, 2020

The 2020 Aurora Awards

 On Saturday August 15, 2020, I had the honor of being the Master of Ceremonies for The Official 2020 Aurora Awards and Hall of Fame Inductions.

It was supposed to take place in Calgary, Alberta during this year's When Words Collide conference.

But it was migrated to a live online broadcast, where I hosted, with the sealed envelopes in hand, and a good number of the nominees and 2 of the 3 Hall of Fame Inductees (Heather Dale and Cory Doctorow) appearing live to accept their awards and offer their thanks. 

The evening went of mostly without a hitch as Liz and I were crammed into my home office (me wearing my tux for the occasion), with two dogs and two cats that I only tripped over once.

One of the great things about virtual presentations and meetings is that you can't tell that I'm only wearing the tuxedo top. Not so fancily dressed below the waist.  ;)