Friday, October 09, 2009

Da Count - Fran

This week's Da Count is something I neglect to count often enough, yet a thing that is so very precious to me. My relationship with Francine. She is my wife, my best friend, my lover, my confidante, my playmate, my soulmate, my partner on this life journey.

On Monday, Francine and I will be celebrating 13 years of marriage.

What I still can't believe, and which I am truly impressed by is that she actually continues to put up with me, with all my foibles and faults, all the silly things I do and the fact that though I'm 40 years of age, I am amused by the same things our five year old finds funny. More so than being the kind, wonderful, loving and nurturing gorgeous and sexy woman that I continue to fall more in love with each and every day, she actually has the infinite patience to put up with me.

I don't know how I got so lucky, but I'm certainly a better man for having Fran in my life.

And for that, I count my blessings repeatedly.



lecram said...

This is a wonderful and loving count, Mark. Cheers, my friend!

lime said...

wonderful count. happy anniversary to you and fran a few days early. i wish you both decades more happiness together.