Friday, November 20, 2009

Weathering The Digital Storm

The editors of The Mark did a phone interview with me the other day asking me pointed questions regarding the subject of my article "The Future of Publishing is Here" and embedded a wonderful montage of audio clips about my speculation of the effect that the digital landscape might have on the book industry.

They did a wonderful job of encapsulating a 10 minute conversation into a juicy little 2 minute chunk in which I make some pretty bold statements about how I see digital actually benefiting the book industry rather than destroying it. Being the avid book lover, I, of course, couldn't help slipping in the mention of two books -- Chris Anderson's book Free: The Future of a Radical Price as well as one of my favourite new authors, Terry Fallis and his book The Best Laid Plans.

The audio clip opens with me saying: "Digital is here to stay, but that doesn't not necessarily mean books are gone," and going on from there to speculate about the huge potential the book industry is facing. Notice that I say potential and not Apocalypse.

The embedded audio player appears near the top of the article -- go have a listen if you can stand listening to my optimistic viewpoints.

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