Wednesday, June 09, 2010

21 Tips For Authors Using Social Media

Social media guru Chris Brogan recently posted An Author's Plan for Social Media Efforts on his blog.

A list of the top 21 things an author should consider doing, Brogan creates a concise and useful point form summary that, where necessary, links to more detailed posts. This is perfect for someone dipping in and wanting to learn more. Looking at the list, an author can quickly decide to take action on an item, then follow the link to get more in depth information on how to do it.

Brogan, the author of Trust Agents and Social Media 101 gives away some tremendously useful advice.

One of my favourite tips is the following...

3. On the blog [the one Brogan suggests you set up in point 2 on his list] write about interesting things that pertain to the book, but don't just promote the book over and over again. In fact, blow people away by promoting their blogs and their books, if they're related a bit

What I like most is the suggestion that the author should be providing value, not just "selling" their book repeatedly. Being a "salesperson" and constantly pushing your book is a sure-fire way to turn people away. A good deal about the book Trust Agents, which Brogan co-wrote with Julien Smith covers just that concept -- using the web and social media to humanize business.

Consider what Brogan did in this very blog post. He's not being pushing and selling his books. He's taking a step back and providing something for free -- he's offering a real value to readers. Chances are the readers who find value in what he is giving away for free are going to consider checking out his books.

I know I've read both of them and can say that if you think Brogan offers great value to authors in this post and well as on his blog, you can be assured that his books offer even more value.

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