Thursday, January 20, 2011

HNT - Colleague Snapshot

I've long been blessed with getting to work with some great people over the years.

Recently, I was scrolling through some old photos and found this one -- a picture taken some time within the last few weeks I had been working in the IT department at Indigo's head office.  Circa mid summer of 2006.

It's a picture of me at my workstation at 82 Peter Street with Larry, one of the IT managers I'd worked on several projects with.  Larry was not my direct supervisor, but I still reported to him on several projects and tasks and learned a lot from him in the short time (less than a year and a half) we had worked together.

Seeing the picture reminded me of all of the amazing people I've been fortunate enough to work with and whom I continue to work with over the years. Folks like Larry. And folks like Samson (who took this picture). I haven't seen either of them in several years, but working with them was valuable and something to remember fondly.

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