Thursday, November 03, 2011

HNT - Halloween 2011

Francine and I have always loved Halloween. It's thus natural that our son Alexander would love it, too. Usually, once August ends and the first days of school begin, Alexander starts to talk about setting up the Halloween decorations in our front yard (yes, we tend to go "all out" on this) as well as what costume he'll want to wear.

This year, being mad about everything Star Wars, he dressed as Captain Rex one of the lead clone troopers from The Clone Wars (an animated series which takes place in the time between the 2nd and 3rd installment of the prequel series - a war eluded to by Obi-Wan back in the very 1st Star Wars movie when Obi-Wan and Anakin fought side-by-side before Anakin turned entirely to the dark side)

Since Alexander was Captain Rex, I was going to dress up as Obi-Wan, only I didn't decide in time to grow a beard. So perhaps I'm Anakin (the black I'm wearing might suggest that), or maybe just some miscellaneous Jedi "guest-star" for a single episode . . . you know, like the disposable ensigns on Star Trek that get killed off . . .

In any case, it was another fun Halloween.

How many days is it until Halloween 2012?

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