Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Blocking Up The Scenery, Breaking My Mind

I'm one of those people who get frustrated when others use your rather that you're or their instead of they're within the proper context.

It hurts my brain, and, of course, it is becoming as commonplace as seeing teenage boys wearing pants that hang halfway down their ass, revealing their underwear (that hurts my brain almost as much, BTW).

But I get a kick out of signs, and often snap a pic when I find one that hasn't been proof-read.

I've long been an advocate that writers, even top notch pro writers, always benefit from a good editor.

So I wonder, then, how signs like this, from a small Canadian pizza chain - and a fantastic one to boot -- (I cut the part of the sign that shows their name) could make it through such a professional production for multiple locations and nobody GUARANTEED that it was free of typos?

Or is this their way of pretending to guarantee something, but not really? (Would this be like promicing something -- because if you don't deliver, you're not really breaking a promise, merely a promice)

Granted, these hand-written signs can be forgiven (at least a bit).  But they do make me shake my head.

Even this sign seems a little out of service.

Cheken breast? Is this evidence that the meat is over-processed? Or perhaps the sign isn't indicating a special price, but rather a special type of chicken . . .

But it's true, Virginia, even sign-makers need a good editor, or at least a solid proof-reader.

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Caroline Gerardo said...

I forgive the urinal sign, because that's a dirty job, but the grocery sign maker could have "spell checked" from one of the packages