Thursday, October 10, 2013

50 Shades of Hamilton

An article I wrote for Hamilton Magazine called "50 Shades of Hamilton" was just published in the magazine's fall 2013 issue.

"Hamilton is rich with history and a diverse sense of culture. It is also a city rich with ghosts. Fifty or more of them, in fact."

The article outlines the 5 different types of ghosts that haunt the Hamilton area as covered in my 2012 Dundurn book Haunted Hamilton, by breaking them down into the following categories.

  • Historical Ghosts
  • Truly Eerie & Creepy Ghostly Tales
  • Sad & Forlorn Ghosts
  • Ghosts in Public Places
  • The Practical Joker Ghosts

I originally riffed on the "Fifty Shades" idea of counting the ghosts in Hamilton, on my blog last year. I didn't realize that the editor of Hamilton magazine (Marc Skulnick) was a fan of ghost stories - but when he contacted me to see if I'd put something together for the fall issue, I pitched the concept.

The article opens with the following paragraph....

"Before you think this article has anything to do with an explicit erotic relationship between a recent college graduate and a business magnate, I should remind you that one of the definitions of "shade," according to the Oxford Canadian Dictionary, is simply a ghost."

The magazine spread is filled with beautiful historic pictures of the city as well as a collection of short tidbits from the book regarding haunted places.

No, that's not Patrick Dempsey on the cover - it's Rodrigo Venturelli

It's cool when something like that can eventually be converted into another piece of published writing.  And the extra exposure reminding people of my book doesn't hurt either.


Wannabe Sybil said...

Thank you so much for leaving your comment. I hope I didn't come across as blaming Kobo anyway, it's such a tricky situation. You are really kind to post. Best Wishes and Thank you WannabeSybil. xxx

Mark Leslie said...

You came across with what I thought was a beautifully balanced and well thought out sentiment - I just wanted you to know it wasn't as bad as it perhaps seemed. Thanks!