Saturday, February 18, 2017

The Boy Inside The Man

My twelve-year old son and I spent the morning today playing Minecraft, where, under his leadership, I was reacquainted with how to do the basic things in that world. Yes, I've played it with him before, but it has actually been a couple of years and my memory of how to do more than just the basics of moving around and digging were lost.

But he patiently helped me, guided me along, crafted me armor (to stay protected from the creepers and other wandering beasts) along with other tools, continued to bring food to me and reminded me to eat, coached me, and, together we had a marvelous adventure that we'll continue again later this evening after dinner. (Because we do, after all, have many plans for the things we're building and developing in this world)

That was the morning, spent in pajamas with coffee and milk and cookies.

After lunch we went outside to enjoy the spring-like weather and wandered up and down some of Hamilton's down-town streets playing Pokemon Go.

Again, since this isn't a game I've played more than a handful of times, he coached me on strategies, what to do and patiently supported my learning and development, cheering me on when I achieved something worthwhile.

It's funny. I always thought that, as a father, I would be the one teaching my son about the world.

But today is the perfect example of just how much the child can teach the parent; if only the adult takes the time to listen.

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