Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Make Your Own Path On Life's Journey

Yesterday I drove to Barrie to say goodbye to a friend.

I hadn't seen Frank Nelson in person in a couple of years, and it had been much longer since I had seen Frank on a regular basis. We worked together at Chapters/Indigo many years ago.

But he continued to inspire me. And he continues to inspire me to this day.

On December 8, 2017, Frank Nelson passed away. I won't say that he "lost his battle" with cancer; and that's because he won his battle. He won the battle on so many accounts. When Frank was diagnosed with colorectal cancer in 2010, he began a phase of creating a bucket list that involved "Paying it Back" and helping others in need.

Frank's desire to take $1000 and give it to a complete stranger turned into an incredible legacy of caring and giving.

The last time I saw Frank was a couple of years ago when we arranged to meet at a Tim Hortons in Barrie.

In his relentless desire to support and help others, Frank spotted a Facebook post about my most recent book (Tomes of Terror: Haunted Bookstores & Libraries) and offered to buy a number of copies of it for those interested in reading it but who couldn't afford to purchase a copy.

Over coffee, Frank and I caught up on one another's lives since we both had left Indigo, we laughed about some memories of our times at Indigo, I signed the books, and I left further inspired by his unabashed generosity and kind spirit.

And I have continued to watch and admire the amazing legacy of giving that he has fostered.

Below is a brief 2 minute clip of a talk Frank gave earlier this year at Georgian College from a full 40 minute video which was recorded and produced by the good folks at Five Points Media. The entire talk is wonderful, but I wanted to capture Frank's brilliant "takeaways" regarding the life clock that is wound for each of us, the paths we decide for our life journey and the importance of those moments of human connection.

Frank didn't just give and care for others, but he also continues to inspire others through the Glowing Hearts Community Give and Get Centre and other similar programs that are focused on returning value to people in the local community. (This 1 minute video below features Frank sharing how that works)

The world can truly be a dark and often frustrating place. There are, often, too many things we can point at that illustrate the ills that people do to one another.

But there are people like Frank who bring light and kindness and goodness to the world and to the lives of other. And they remind me that the world and that people can be absolutely magnificent and caring, and generous and kind-hearted.

The world is a better place for people like Frank. And I am a better person from having the honour of calling him a friend and the human connection that I had with him.

Thank you, Frank.

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