Sunday, April 08, 2018

Finding Inspiration in Everything

I was pretty pumped to be interviewed by USA Today bestselling author Patricia McLinn on her relatively new podcast that focuses on readers.

AUTHORS LOVE READERS is a conversation between authors about how and why they create stories.

It was a heck of a lot of fun! 


I know Patricia from author circles and usually see her once a year at the annual NINC (Novelists, Inc) writer's conference in Florida. It was great to be able to catch up with her and to share some insights and reflections on the writing part of my life, which I have recently returned to with new dedication and conviction.

Patricia asked some great questions and pulled some interesting tidbits out of me as well, including why I chose to market my work as "horror" even though most of the material, though dark, doesn't quite go into what most people think of as horror.

I got to talk about my fascination with writing short stories, how various short fiction projects ended up evolving into novels, and why I tend to focus on the dark and macabre things in my fiction and non-fiction writing.

A talented author of both murder mysteries and romances, Patricia is an author with experience in both traditional publishing and the independent author realms. But regardless of how she is publishing, she always puts the reader first.

Patricia McLinn is the author of about 45 novels, including her ongoing murder mystery series, Caught Dead in Wyoming. She also writes romances – mostly contemporary, but there are a few historicals, women’s fiction and non-fiction titles. She had 27 books in 25 years in traditional publishing. Having secured the rights back to a number of her earlier books, she began indie publishing in early 2010. That made her officially a hybrid author, since she also still had books under traditional contracts. In mid-2015 she left the final traditional publisher and has been happily 100% independent since.

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