Friday, October 26, 2018

On Flying and Firehoses

In the past week, I flew over Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas at 35 MPH on a zip line.

I also took in a firehose of information at the WMG Publishing, Inc. Business Master Class.

The overwhelming stimulation for each is somewhat similar. In the latest episode of the Stark Reflections on Writing and Publishing podcast, I share how I plan on dealing with the information, inspiration, and ideas that can fill your head at the end of such a conference, which include:

  • A few key things to remember before setting out to try to implement the ideas gathered
  • The importance of first stepping back to take a breath and get perspective
  • A list of questions to ask yourself when looking at all of the ideas that you have jotted down or taken in
  • The importance not just of deciding on something, but deciding to act on that something
  • The concept of EAT, FEED, DRAIN
  • The FOUR-D way to update a to-do list
  • The importance of taking responsibility for your own career

These are just some ideas, and potentially useful strategies you can adapt in your own way whenever you attend a conference or workshop where you have so much information to process and never enough time to try to do it all.

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