Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Pity The Fool

The other day I was walking between our Peter Street and King Street offices (I'm doing a lot of that lately, which is good exercise I guess) when I saw something that made me sad.

It was a guy with a Mohawk haircut. You know, the kind that Mr. T had.

I was sad because I realized that I'd never be able to get one. With the bald spot on the top of the back of my head slowly expanding (but mostly when nobody is looking, like one of those mysterious crop circles) and the front of my hair receeding back to meet it, I wouldn't be able to have a Mohawk. Not that I've ever wanted one, but it's tough to come to that realization none-the-less.

Although, with the small bit of hair I have on that part of my head, I might be able to pull off just a "MO" or maybe even a "HAW"

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