Thursday, November 01, 2007

HNT - Halloween 2007

So sad that Halloween is just a single night.

Unlike Christmas, where Christmas Eve is a special evening, but you still have that very special Christmas Day to spend with friends and family, we don't do the same on Halloween (All Hallow's Eve) because by the time we wake up on All Hallow's Day, the thrill and excitement are gone, the decorations seem lifeless and not as compelling as they were the evening before. Sigh.

Of course, in my ideal world Halloween wouldn't just be a single night or a single night and a day, but rather a week's worth of events. Maybe I should start a petition to see if we could convince some government body to recognize it. Make it into a full-fledged Harvest celebration. Celebrate not just pumpkins but all the fruits and vegetables of the harvest, recognize the huge contribution that farmers make to our society, celebrate the week leading up to Halloween as the 7 days of Hallow, with ghost walks and creepy stories told by firelight at midnight and costume parades.

A guy can dream, can't he?

This week's HNT picture is one of Francine and I dressed up for a Halloween party. Fran was wearing my Conan the Barbarian costume (one that I had originally worn when I was 14 years old but kept and used to play Conehead the Barbarian in a series of goofy adventure short movies I made with my buddy John Ellis) -- one of my very first HNT posts back in 2005 featured a flashback to me in that costume back in my University days when I could still fit into it. And of course, here's a pic of when I first wore the costume in Grade 9.

Fran, of course, looks much better in the costume than I ever did and seeing her in it fulfilled a long-time teenage fantasy . . . (hard to believe the nerdy kid in that costume at 14 who became a nerdy adult gets to see his hot wife wearing the costume a few decades later)

Happy All Hallow's Day and Happy HNT.


TK Kerouac said...

You make a lovely cave couple, Happy Hallween HNT!

SignGurl said...

Pretty hot that your wife gets to be Conan!

You make a lovely couple.

Happy Half Nekkid Thursday!

Jason said...


lecram said...

Well, at least yours is an update... I posted a re-run. Cheers, Happy Halloween & HNT

S said...

Most excellent! Have fun with the fantasy! Ya know, yesterday I contemplated buying a gorilla costume because it was Halloween and half price...it was a kids size 10.....it fit me! BUT, believe it or not...it was too short....not too narrow..but too short...sheesh Im only 5'1"....

ANyway....maybe ill be a gorilla next year. Gary has just really lost his head over this Halloween!

HHHNT Mark and Francine!!!

Katie :) said...

you two look great!!!! :)

Lapis Ruber said...

You both look as if you are having fun. Happy Halloween HNT.

Stealth said...

I love this picture, and I will sign whatever petition you want if you can get halloween to last a week :)

BTExpress said...

You both look good, but she looks better in that costume than you ever did.

Happy All Hallow's Day and Happy HNT to you to my friend!

Rainypete said...

Those costumes were dangerous. All manner of odd folks were attracted to your house to take in the spectacle.

lime said...

just a lil barbarian love going on there. hope you guys had a fantastic time!