Thursday, June 05, 2008

HNT - Daddio

Last week while trying to get my attention, Alexander called me Daddio.

I'd mentioned about a year ago that he stopped calling me Daddy all the time and out of the blue switched over to Dad. Since then it's been a combination of Dad and Daddy -- then, out of nowhere, he came up with Daddio and started laughing when he called me that.

The trend has continued on in the use of this pet name for me. Each time it is accompanied by giggles from Alexander as well as from myself and Francine. It makes me want to come up with some cute nicknames for him. (Other than Mr. Man or Zander)

This week's HNT pics are from the archives and a few shots that I took over the past few years of Alexander and Daddio hamming it up for the camera.


Dana said...

It's HNT pics like these that really make Thursdays special! Thank you for sharing them!!

lime said...

i LOVE it! how cute that he's come up with daddio as your nickname. i can just hear himself giggling over his own cleverness. and those shots may be reruns but they are just so worthy. you can feel the love radiating from them.

BTExpress said...

I thought daddio went out with the beatniks. Where in the world did he pick that up?

I love the relationship you two have. I bet half the world would be envious of you.

Happy HNT and thanks for the kind words. I never imagined. :-)