Saturday, June 28, 2008

Just One More Beer With Dad

Today was my Dad's birthday. He died in 2003, but he would have been 71 today.

So this evening after supper, I cracked open one of the 3 last beers I have from that very last batch of beer he made before he passed away. The beer was yeasty and likely already gone, given that it had been sitting around for more than 5 years.

But it didn't matter. Sipping that beer my father had crafted was as close as I could get to sitting down and having just another beer with him -- one of the things I long for most of all.

So Happy Birthday Dad! Cheers! I love you and still miss you terribly every day.


lime said...

oh i can completely understand saving something like that as long as you could and savoring every last drop. peace to you, my friend.

S said...

That is a really cool way to savor your time with dad. Very nice.
Miss you.