Friday, October 17, 2008

Da Count - Freedom To Vote

Voter turnout at this week's recent federal election in Canada was at an all time record-low at 59.1%.

Yes, I know the entire election was unnecessary and a huge waste of taxpayer money, that there were "slim pickins" to choose from and given the fact that the Bloc Quebecois party hogs so many "useless" votes that it's virtually impossible for an actual federal party interested in Canada as a whole (rather than a single province) to obtain a majority government -- but none of that really matters when, at the end of the day, Canadians have a phenomenal freedom in that their vote and their voice matters.

So, rather than ragging on and on about the idiots in our society who likely love to complain yet fail to take even a moment out of their self-important schedules to exercise their demographic right, I want to focus on the positive -- that we live in a free society and have the civic right and privilege to VOTE. Not only that, but we get to choose from 4 different political parties. (Yeah, I know 5 - but as I stated one of them is really only interested in a single province, so many of us across Canada can only choose from 4 major parties, not 5) But still -- we get to choose.

And with counting that privilege, I only hope that my American friends to the south aren't so lethargic as 40% of my fellow Canadians were and get out and vote in the US federal election in November in record numbers.



lime said...

an excellent count, my friend to the north. wow, 4 parties? i'm envious because i am quite sick of the dems and republicans who are the only viable parties (you'd barely even know that other parties exist).

you are so right though. when so many people across the globe would be so thankful for the right to vote and canadians and americans squander their given right it's a sad and wasteful thing.

i know i will be at the polls on election day to register my opinion on the future leadership of my nation.

Paula said...

I think U.S. turnout this time will be extremely high, Mark. This election is the most important we've had since 1968. In some ways, it's the most important *ever*.