Tuesday, November 18, 2008

How Do I Explain This To A Four Year Old?

Ever since we took down the Halloween decorations, my son has been repeatedly asking me to get out the Christmas decorations. He is so excited and involved in all of the holiday decorating activities. It's a sheer pleasure to be a part of that enthusiasm and excitement.

Though scheduling hasn't allowed for it, this past weekend, I partially obliged his repeated requests -- we went to Canadian Tire and purchased 4 light-up candy canes to add to the 6 we bought last year.

While we haven't yet ventured onto the roof nor gotten out the light-up train, tree, snowman and deer that go in the front yard, at least we put up a nice row of candy-canes that bordered the garden in front of our house. It was a good start.

Alexander was delighted.

But when I woke up this morning and went to the front door to turn off the light (which we now leave on all night in the hopes that it deters the petty vandalism and theft that is occurring more and more frequently in our neighbourhood), I noticed that the candy cane lights were gone.

Stolen. Again. All ten of them as well as the extension cord.

Like so many other things from our front yard.

How do I explain this a four year old who has had to endure more than his fair share of thefts of property and fun decorations from the front of our yard in the past year?

How could I possibly explain it in terms he would understand?

And how can I set a good example for my son by not being utterly outraged and describing these "bad people" in terms that I really want to use but which aren't fit for a four year old's ears or ranting about how I would love to have just two minutes with the shit-heads who did this.

I'm fed up. I'm at the point where I want to install a 10 foot electrified barbed wire fence around my home. I'm sick of this bullshit.

Upstairs my son is still sleeping peacefully. Blissfully unaware that some low-life scum-sucking assholes have stolen something very simple but that gave him endless pleasure.

I'm almost tempted to run to Canadian Tire right now, buy ten lights, another extension cord and set them up before he wakes.

But I'm emotionally drained.

Sorry, my dear son.


Anonymous said...

Mark, It's either time to move or time to buy this.

A wireless, IR, motion detecting, video camera.



lime said...

that really stinks. taki has a good idea with the camera. i realize the police might not make things a high priority and it's not going to get things back most likely but do you report the thefts so they at least know that this sort of thing is going on and maybe they step up patrols?

Michael Kelly said...


That's incredibly low and despicable of someone. Sorry to hear it. And it's difficult to explain these things. Try not to let it bother you too much. I'm sure you'll be able to bring a smile to Alexander's face regardless.

Melodie Norman Haas said...

Oh that is awful Mark! I am sorry to hear about your candy canes, but more sorry for yes you having to figure out a way to a.) shelter your child as long as you can from the evils of the world but b.) explain where the candy canes went.

I hope this look brighter my friend!

Westopher said...

You know, I pulled endless shit like this when I was a dumb ass, bored kid in the mid-west. Mindless thrill seeking doesn't often take others into consideration...you'll probably never get this from the dolts who took your cool candy canes, but I'd like to apologize on their behalf. And I promise never to yank something out of another person's yard again, sir.