Saturday, March 06, 2010

Digital Journal

Okay, so the improvement of the landscape of "digital books" is getting more and more exciting.

Check out this Microsoft Courier tablet/e-book device.

I LOVE this collaborative digital journal that seems to offer all the best of a digital planner, a journal, a calendar, web-access and e-reading capabilities. Seems to be the best of all worlds and the type of "all in one" portable device that gets this book nerd really excited.

I'm imagining using this type of device to quickly and easily capture the various different ideas and thoughts that occur to me throughout the day and which are often lost before I get a chance to note them in the journal kept in my desk drawer at home. A quick snapshot with a roughly scrawled note is sometimes all I need, because often, when I'm working on a story, article or novel, it's that random thought that jumps into my head, that, like an "a-ha" moment, provides me just what I need to keep the story, article, writing project moving along.

Thanks to Mitch Joel for posting about this on his blog which is where I first learned about it.

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