Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Avoiding E-Books Because They Just Don't Smell Right?

Have you been avoiding e-books because they just don't smell right? Smell is an often overlooked yet critically important sense when it comes to fully appreciating an experience.

As exciting as digital books are, there's something lacking still preventing the majority from jumping on the e-book bandwagon -- perhaps it's that special "smell" of a book.

C'mon, admit it. When you crack open a new book you can't help but to sniff it in. It's just part of the experience.

Well, now you can have your e-book experience and smell it too, thanks to Smell-of-Books, an aerosol e-book enhancer.

Not since spray bacon has such a revolutionary idea come to such a small container.

Coming in scents such a Classic Musty Smell, Scent of Sensibility and Eau You Have Cats, there's a scent for almost every taste. And Smell of Books is compatible with virtually any digital reading device. (And as a special bonus, it comes with absolutely no DRM)

Reading e-books has never felt so natural and comfortable. Your e-book reader might be new, made out of plastic, and frustrate you because the battery is again dead. But while it's charging yet again, you can relax, secure in the comfort your room can still smell like it contains vintage classic paperback volumes.


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Mayowa said...

Oh the ridiculous and the wonderful lol.

In a CEOs office somewhere, a red phone is ringing and a robotic sounding voice repeats "kaching potential ahead" over and over again.

lime said...

astonsihing. i'm speechless.