Monday, November 15, 2010

Ode To My Wife

I'm the writer in our house -- the one who toils away in the early morning hours and late at night in solitude attempting to push out creative efforts of stories, poetry, articles, etc.

But my wife Francine is quite the creative spirit herself.

I'm the official lunch-maker in our home. Each weekday morning I compile everybody's lunch and get everything ready.  Fran usually has some sort of salad and typically uses the same favourite salad dressing which she keeps at work.

Last week, on the weekend, she purchased 3 bottles of salad dressing and on Sunday night asked me to include one of them in her lunch the next morning so she could transfer it into the fridge at work.

I forgot.

So, at lunch time on Monday last week, instead of an angry phone call, here's what she emails to me. The following text and nothing more.

Ode to My Salad Dressing

There you sit,
All 3 of you,
Watching, waiting
To be picked up
In my salad
at work,
While you sit,
Watching, waiting
In the fridge
At Home!

Fran is hilarious.

1 comment:

misterbuny said...

It was my fault! I did not tell you about the salad dressing in the fridge!