Thursday, May 19, 2011

HNT - Spud Wars: Alex Attacks

This blog post is a serialized story continued from HNT - Spud Wars: Mark's Last Stand

Upon discovering that Darth Tater and his army of clones had killed his father, Alexander launched a quick attack.

"I'll mash you all!" he screamed as he lunged into the room. "I shall take vengeance for my father's death at your dirty little spud hands!"

(Okay, in all honesty, it actually came out sounding more like: "Yeeeeaaaah! Egobbledy!" But really, you must allow the writer a little creative licence because that's exactly what the toddler meant in that battle cry)

"You will not succeed, spawn of the wretched man who ate my father!" Darth Tater announced, then turned to his army and said: "Eliminate him in the manner we eradicated his paternal unit."

"Huh?" one of the spud clones said.

Darth sighed. "Kill him!"

Alexander's attack was efficient and brutal, the way you might imagine an energetic toddler would crash his way through a room full of toys.

With giant steps he squished several of the Tater clones under his feet, and with Batman-like grace, style and cartoon captions which magically appeared in the air, he pummeled several of the clones into pieces of so much dead spud.

Yet, despite the youth's initial upper hand, the sheer number of Tater's attacking him put him off balance.

He fell back onto the couch as the clones began their redoubled efforts, lead by the leader, Darth himself, who felt he finally had the advantage.

Will Alexander get out of his current predicament? Will he pull a classic "Batman" move and pull out his anti-potato spray? Does anybody reading this realize the "Batman" references are made to the original cheesy television show and not the continually re-imagined series of movies made in the past twenty or so years?

To be continued in Spud Wars: The Final Standoff

To find out what happens next in this very silly story (But really, who has the patience or even the attention span to have continued this far in the story?) check back next Thursday for the continuing multi-generational, serialized, syndicated and re-booted storyline of . . .

* The font used for the SPUD WARS logo above came from Boba Fonts on Fontspace - check out all their cool designs.


viemoira said...

Adorable- that is a lot of spuds! :)

Emmy said...

So freakin' cute!
My husband had the full set of Star Wars spuds! Love it!
Happy HNT!