Friday, July 08, 2011

Dashing Warrior

This weekend, a couple of buddies and I will be running in the Warrior Dash.

It's a 5K (3.24 mile) run with various obstacles (Arachnophobia, Blackout, Great Warrior Wall, Chaotic Crossover, Hay Fever, Road Rage, Cliffhanger, Petrifying Plunge, Cargo Climb, Warrior Roast and Muddy Mayhem - I won't describe what each is - they're best left to the imagination)

I was laughing at the waiver and release I needed to sign for this run, which includes the following:

  • I understand that entering Warrior Dash is a hazardous activity
  • I understand that Warrior Dash presents extreme obstacles including, but not limited to: fire, mud puts with barbed wire, cargo climbs, junk cars and steep hills
  • I consent to emergency medical care and transportation in order to obtain treatment in the event of injury to me as medical professionals may deem appropriate
  • I understand that the Warrior Dash course may contain wild animals, insects and plants
  • I agree not to dive into or enter the mud pit head first

I think it's going to be fun.

For a costume (because for a fun race like this, you need a fun costume), I'm ressurecting my old "Conan The Barbarian" costume. My aunt made it for me when I was about 14 years old. It doesn't quite fit the way it used to . . .

The Conan costume when it was it perfect "new" condition
. . . it doesn't even fit as well as it did when I was in university . . .

The Conan costume from a university Halloween party

. . . but that adds to the "charm" and "humour" of the costume - doesn't it . . . ?

The Conan costume on a middle-aged guy
I'm not sure when I was no longer able to wear the top the proper way, but I can't even get it done up when slipped on - it's supposed to zip up at the back. (Let's conveniently blame the growth of my shoulders and chest muscles, shall we?) In the picture above, I'm wearing the vest backwards. Perhaps that'll be better in terms of not getting too over-heated during the race.

Interesting to see, though, how I have evolved with this costume from a Dashing Warrior to a . . . Wasted Warrior and now to a Weather-worn Warrior.


Crosby Kenyon said...

Nice sequence. If you survived, I'm assuming there will be pictures.

Mark Leslie said...

LOL. Thanks, Crosby. I DID survive and there WILL be pictures. :)