Thursday, July 07, 2011

HNT - 7 Lucky Years

Today is my son Alexander's 7th birthday.

I am so proud of my wonderful little boy, so delighted with each and every moment I get to spend with him.

Alexander sitting on the hood of my truck (which used to be my father's truck)

I kind of suspected I would enjoy fatherhood, but there are a few things that caught me by surprise in the past 7 years. For example, I never knew that:

  • This baby that I held in my arms, this little boy whose hand I hold when he crosses the street, this child who I tuck in at night and tell bedtime stories to could continually teach ME so much
  • Despite how precious each age and each stage in his life has been, there is even MORE new joy to be reaped as I watch my son continue to grow
  • Just stepping into my son's bedroom and watching him sleep can make a frustrating and terrible day disappear in a flash
  • When my phone at work or my cell phone rings and there's a long pause when I answer (like one of those telemarketer calls), I'm continually delightedly surprised and excited when it's my son calling me just to say hi.
  • Simple things like a clumsy hug from this little person work better than any virtually any balm, any medicine I have ever taken
A fun afternoon of swimming during our July 2011 vacation
  • Doing chores around the house might take twice as long when Alexander helps me, but the pleasure derived from working alongside him is more than quadruple
  • Just sitting back and looking at my wife and my son interact, my two very best friends, brings an amazing sense of comfort, joy and peace to my heart
  • My son would be mad about things I loved when I was a child (and still love today) - things like Star Wars and LEGO (and how much cooler they both are when combined)
A special birthday trip to the LEGO store!
  • I would continually be in awe of this special little boy. Sure, I knew I would love him with all my heart, but never imagined how overwhelmingly in awe I would be of the things he does, the things he says

Each and every day with my son is a marvel. I'm on vacation this week - a few years ago, I started booking off his birthday and where possibly, the week of his birthday -- spending the week with Alexander just doing all the little daily things that a father and son can do together is one of the best ways I can imagine spending my vacation time.

Talk about an incredibly wise investment of my time. The benefits I have reaped are, of course, beyond price.

There, completely "naked" thoughts about fatherhood and my son. How's THAT for a Half-Nekkid Thursday post?

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lime said...

this post is just all kinds of wonderful and makes me smile. you are blessed and wise. happy belated birthday to alexander.