Thursday, August 11, 2011

HNT - Have You Driven A Ford Lately?

As I had written a few weeks ago, my truck and I had, after many good years together, parted ways.

Yes, I know I make it sound like a relationship.  In many ways a man's association with a vehicle CAN be like a relationship; and this particular vehicle had been my Dad's, so there was a more intimate depth involved, and the loss of the truck was almost like losing another piece of my Dad.

I went for several weeks without a vehicle. It was a decent experience as I re-acquainted myself with our city's transit system, which seems to have continued to improve. The bus rides were actually good for me, as I was able to get more reading done on the way to work.

And while the vehicle search took a bit longer than originally planned, Francine and I scored a pretty awesome deal at Mohawk Ford.

I was able to get a used 2012 Ford Focus with just 300 KM on it. So, it was basically a new vehicle with the price chopped down significantly and none of the "new car" taxes that normally get compiled onto the price. To boot, the gas mileage on this baby is unlike anything I've ever experienced this side of a moped. (Then again, one must remember I'm going from the gas mileage of a 1997 pickup truck with a giant tank that cost me well over $100 to fill up, to the mileage of a much lighter, smaller and more gas efficient vehicle where fill-ups are now still under $50 . . . a pretty dramatic change -- and yes, you're now less likely to see me weeping uncontrollably while standing at the gas pump and watching the numbers fly up into the heavens when I fill 'er up)

Another benefit of this vehicle is that it's more comfortable for the whole family. Yes, the truck was a great vehicle for Alexander and I to go out in, but when all three of us wanted to go together, the cab could be a little bit crammed.

In any case, this week's HNT is a picture of me that Francine took on the day we picked it up. Interesting. Of all the vehicles I've owned over the years, this is the very first "new" one. (Yes, I know, I bought it used, but, except for the lower price, everything about this vehicle is NEW)

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