Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Light Tour 2011

Last night we took another one of our family Christmas light tours. It consists of piling the family into the car, getting a box of donuts from Tim Horton's (ensuring we have the seasonal candy cane ones and that Alexander has his favourite hot chocolate, which is a normally made hot chocolate with a half shot of regular milk added - it cools it down because he can't handle it too hot but also can't wait to start drinking it) and doing a tour of neighbourhoods and houses that go a little Griswold.

Last night we found a new house while on route to ones we already knew about.

It's located at the corner of Dunsmure and Glendale in Hamilton. And it's pretty darn fantastic.

All the pictures below were taken at that same house (and are evidence that I'm an amateur photographer, taking quick shaky shots on my iPhone)

When asked, later in the evening, which of the houses was his favourite, Alexander said, the one with the Santa who had "Ho Ho Ho" on his underwear.  A bit hard to see in the picture immediately above, but Santa did moon us, showing off a neat pair of Christmas undies that I don't yet own (and I own a lot of fun Christmas boxers.....)

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