Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas

As another Christmas Eve begins to slip away, and, the annual family snuggle-read of Twas the Night Before Christmas is done, the magic reindeer dust has been spread outside and the chocolate milk and cookies have been left out for Santa, I bask in the moment and cherish all the things I hold dear.

Alexander reading How The Grinch Stole Christmas

Alexander about to start spreading magic reindeer dust
The spreading begins - too fast to catch without a blur
Alexander moves at lightning speed, spreading reindeer dust
As we settle down and wait for Santa to come while we sleep, warm thoughts flow through my heart.

May you, dear reader, find that same sort of peace and love and warmth -- if not on Christmas Day, then in the New Year which is almost upon us. This is my simple wish.

May Peace and Love be with you.

Merry Christmas. 

And, God bless us, everyone!


Ian Alexander Martin said...

Two questions:

1) what in blazes is "magic reindeer dust"?

2) why is Santa left a glass of milk and cookies, not a glass of Steam Works and some nachos?

Thank you.

Mark Leslie said...

Excellent questions, Ian.

Magic reindeer dust is a mix of oats and sprinkles. We spread them on the front lawn to ensure Santa's reindeer find the house (maybe it's like an insurance policy for kids whose behaviour is more grey than "good or bad")

I suppose we might call it reindeer food, but the sprinkles add an element of "magic" which is just part of the fun.

And why indeed on the beverage. I suppose Santa might also enjoy a Guinness. But drinking at work is frowned upon (imagine how blasted he'd be drinking a beer at each house?) And drinking and sleigh-driving is something the jolly old elf prefers to avoid.