Saturday, February 04, 2012

Switch - An Erotic Horror Story

Back in January 2009 I had an erotic horror story "Switch" published in Black Ink Horror XXX (published by Sideshow Press) - it was limited to 100 numbered copies.

"Switch" was, to that date, the most shocking, horrific and erotic story I had ever had published.

"Switch" is about a psychiatrist who, in a desperate attempt to cure a misogynistic patient, undergoes an experimental body-switching therapy.

Part of this therapy, meant to force an empathetic reaction in the patient, includes having sex while in the other person's body. Some nasty side-effects occur within the fragile mind-body link in both doctor and patient, leading to some rather cruel, usual and disturbing activities.

I recently created an eBook for this dark erotic horror tale and it is now available at Amazon and Smashwords for 99 cents.

The cover was something I struggled with. The art that accompanied the story when it appeared in Black Ink Horror XXX was effective, but way too graphic and revealing. I also wanted to use some sort of photographic image.

Because it was both horror and erotica, it was difficult to come up with an image that properly denoted both.  The one thing I knew for sure was that I did NOT want to use the stereotypical "sexy" vampire bite with blood leaking down the neck picture that a lot of erotic horror seems to employ.

I purchased a stock image of a "Demon Girl" which I felt captured the essence of the insane cruelty that takes place in the story, particularly in the female protagonist, Dr. Connie Watson. And because the model is somewhat sexy and alluring (in a psycho-patient, demon-possessed disturbing sort of way), that hopefully covers the suggestion of erotic elements of the story. Of course, the tale is more horror than erotica - and it is DEFINITELY meant for adults (especially non-squeamish adults) - I feel that this image effectively portrays the dark horrific and disturbing elements of the tale.

The story runs approximately 4000 words.

Here is the opening . . .

Switch (By Mark Leslie)

Dr. Connie Watson stared at the naked body in front of her, admiring the way the breasts slightly pouted to the sides yet pushed forward and up. She gazed down the slender stomach, the gentle curve of the hips, then in to the blonde bush of pubic hair.

This was the first time she was ever able to examine her own body without the usual restrictions of a mirror.

It was incredible. The ritual of mutual projection had actually worked.

Her eyes traced the shapely tanned legs and then wandered back up, past the pelvis, past the breasts and to the face. She stared at the round face framed in short blonde curls, at the tiny nose and the full red lips.

But looking at the eyes, she knew it wasn’t her inside. She could tell that it was Bob’s spirit projected into and controlling her body, for the eyes -- though the same beautiful green -- were wide with confusion and perhaps fear. They were also filled with something she recognized in the eyes of men who looked upon her. Lust. His eyes were fixed down on the crotch area of the body Connie was now inside of -- Bob’s body.

As he leered at her, she became aware of a strange stirring below, and as she glanced down she realized she was beginning to have an erection. What an interesting mixture of pleasure with the strain of eager, somewhat painful anticipation. And all from looking at her own naked body. It was amazing that men could become aroused so easily upon visual stimulation.

“Incredible,” she said, staring down at the growing shaft.

[end of preview . . . . to read more, check out the ebook on Kobo, Amazonor Smashwords]
(the tale will eventually be pushed into other ebook retailers via an automated feed from SW)

I had to cut the preview off there because that's where the fondling and other more adult activity begins to happen . . .

In any case, I decided to push this out as an eBook partially to follow up on the experimentation that I did with my short love/Ghost story Spirits (Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo) and partially to test the theory that erotica and erotic fiction is one of the better selling genres.

We'll just have to see how that goes.


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