Monday, February 06, 2012

Go Wolves Go!

My nephew Brett is now a relief player for The Sudbury Wolves. For the past couple of weekends he has been playing on the team.

They played yesterday in Brampton and Alexander and I went out to watch the game. We got tickets right behind the visitors bench so we could "say hi" to Brett through the glass (without embarrassing him, of course)

It was an amazing game. Brett played really well, the team kicked ass (they won 3 to 1), the Wolves goalie was a superstar; and Alexander was delighted to see his cousin playing.

I kept thinking back to how, when I was a kid, heading into Sudbury to see the Wolves play was an amazing experience. I was not only delighted to share that excitement with my son, but also proud to watch Brett playing on that very same team I adored when I was a child.

I know that Brett's father, who passed away two years ago (my cousin Kevin - we were raised almost like brothers), would be VERY proud.

I know I was proud to watch Brett play for the Wolves.

Go Wolves Go!

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