Saturday, September 22, 2012

World's Best Neighbour

There are times when you must pause to appreciate the simple, yet powerful things in life.

Like having the world's best neighbour.

My buddy Chad, who has been a neighbour for 13 years, and we've had some really good times over the years.  This past week, Chad got the two of us in to Y108's morning show with Ben, Kerry and Shawna competing with another pair to win a backyard party.   It's part of a "good neighbour" competition they're running. We didn't win, but had a heck of a good time meeting the morning crew that we listen to and joking about our neighbourhood on air.

The competition went into sudden death overtime, and after four rounds, we finally lost.

It actually worked out for the best that we didn't win, because neither of us were going to find it easy to get Thursday afternoon off work in order to host the backyard event with the trio from Y108.  We had a fun time, though, and really enjoyed our chance to goof around in studio with the fantastic Y108 crew.

Later that same day Chad asked for my contact at Steamwhistle. Ever since we won a different Y108 contest last spring (which involved a delivery of a Steamwhistle keg to my house) I'd been having Steamwhistle deliver kegs to my house and back yard (I have a beer tap in the basement).  Chad was having a get together for his son's birthday party and wanted to get a backyard keg setup.

So today, while I was out at Toys R Us with Alexander (visiting with Scout Troopers, Captain Rex and R2D2), Chad texts me to tell me to get home quick, because the Steamwhistle Keg was delivered.  (We had set a goal of making sure we would drink the keg in a single day)

I got back, picturing I'd be helping him set it up and then start drinking it.  (Since what we do best is help each other drink our beer).  And he and the Steamwhistle delivery guy inform me that Chad had ordered a second keg.  One for his backyard party, and one for me, for my basement beer tap.

Can't ask for a better neighbor, can you?

Chad, with his backyard 20L Steamwhistle keg and the 2nd one he bought for me.

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