Friday, December 14, 2012

Get Published Podcast: Book Nerd With Many Hats

A few weeks ago I was interviewed by Mike Plested for Episode 97 of the Get Published Podcast.

In this interview we talked about writing and publishing, Kobo Writing Life, self-publishing and the book industry.  It was a really fun conversation and somewhat of a continuation of a conversation that Mike and I had in person when we first met at World Fantasy Con 2012 in Toronto in early November.

The entire episode runs just under an hour. You can download the mp3 file here, click on this link to listen to it online, or, better yet, subscribe to Mike's great writing podcast via iTunes.

I love the fact that Mike titled the podcast: Mark Leslie, Book Nerd with Many Hats.

Mike is also the author of a book I recently quite enjoyed.  Mik Murdoch: Boy Superhero. (His full name is Michell Plested) This is a young adult novel about a 12 year old boy's search for super powers in order to protect the people of his small prairie town. 

This novel perfectly tapped into the heart and mind of a 12 year old boy and had me remembering my own boyish quest to want to be a super hero. (Of course, with me, I knew that the superhero I wanted to be was Spider-Man. And, I never really outgrew that desire. I continue to wander around hoping to be bitten by a radioactive spider)

I've linked to the book on Kobo because that's the very of the book I read, and it is a steal at $4.99 Canadian.  This is a fantastic tale for young adults and adults alike.  Better yet, it's a great book to read to a child. In fact, once Alexander and I finish the series I'm currently reading him, I'm likely to read this book to him so we can enjoy it together. I'm pretty sure that he would love it.

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