Wednesday, December 05, 2012

That Old Silk Hat They Found

Tis the season for singing about a fat and jolly snowman dancing around in the snow and having a good time.

But every time I start to really think about it, I wonder what might ACTUALLY happen if a bunch of kids put a magic silk hat on a snowman and he came to life.

That's the premise of my story "That Old Silk Hat They Found" which was originally published in a small press magazine called Strange Wonderland back in 1997.  And it's the opening story from Snowman Shivers - an e-chapbook that contains a couple of creepy/dark humor snowman stories.

The other story is called "Ides of March" and involves a couple of strange characters who are driving around and kidnapping snowmen out of people's yards.

They are two fun tales (both stories appear in my collection One Hand Screaming) and are among fan favourites.

It is available free on all major platforms (it took a bit of poking to get Amazon to do ye olde price matching to make it free like all the other players.

So check it out - it's some dark humor reading for the holiday season.

Barnes & Noble

And if you do read it and enjoy it, please do feel free to leave a review on Goodreads, Amazon or Apple.

No seriously, go ahead and give it a review. The Amazon page is rather bare and could use a review or two.  (It's averaging four out of five stars at Kobo, Goodreads and Barnes & Noble - just needs a little love on the other platforms) 

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