Saturday, March 16, 2013

Books & Beer Hangout

I was delighted to be a guest this past week on the Books & Beer Hangout -- a hangout produced by Evo Terra and Jeff Moriarty of ePublish Unum.

ePublish Unum exists to help authors compete in the digital world of publishing by giving authors everything they need to embrace the digital publishing landscape.  (Here is one of their books available on Kobo - Evo is also one of the authors of Podcasting for Dummies)

The recorded part of the video chat was about 15 minutes, and we spoke about Kobo Writing Life and Kobo's partnership with bookstores, in particular the American Booksellers Association giant network of independent bookstores across the US.  (This website lists some of the stores that are carrying and selling the Kobo family of eReader devices as well as eBooks)

Anybody who knows me at all knows my intense passion for books and my unabashed love of beer -- and that I, of course, have a real soft spot for indie brews and indie bookstores.  This conversation, then, was less about anything corporate (ie, me representing the fantastic company I work for), but more about being at the center of the ideal topic of conversation.

I mean, c'mon. Books, beer and the independent spirit?

This was a match made in heaven (my version of which includes lots of books and lots of beer) . . .

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