Friday, March 15, 2013

The Ides of March Are Come (Again)

Despite that warning from the soothsayer, I continue to survive The Ides of March . . .

. . . perhaps it is because I'm not a snowman . . .

Another thing that survives is one of my more popular dark humour/horror snowmen stories by the same name.

It appears in my two story digital collection: SNOWMAN SHIVERS.

And you can get it free on virtually every ereading, platform:  Kobo, Kindle (although only in the US - the international sites are charging 99 cents), iBooks, B&N, Smashwords, Sony . . . and more . . .

"Brilliantly written creepy snowman stories! They were great! I'd love to see more"
     - Nook customer review

"I'll never build another snowman!"
     - Kindle customer review

I had a lot of fun writing about snowman -- and, if I can ever get the two book projects I'm working on put to bed, there are a few other snowman horror stories I have been kicking around and would love to work on.

Maybe I have a thing for strange snowmen stories because I grew up in Northern Ontario and they were a rich part of the landscape.  Maybe I just love those great Calvin & Hobbes snowman cartoons.

Happy Ides of March!

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