Thursday, February 08, 2018

Superstars Writing Seminars 2018

I attended Superstars Writing Seminars this past week as a guest instructor.

Superstars Founding Faculty Members (F) and Guest Instructors. Left to Right: Lisa Mangum, Jonathan Maberry, Kevin J. Anderson (F), Rebecca Moesta (F), James A. Owen (F), David Farland (F), Brandon Sanderson (F), Eric Flint (F)

Even though I was there to teach and share insights about Kobo and Kobo Writing Life and digital publishing, and even though it was my fifth visit to this annual conference, I still walked away with an incredible amount of knowledge. I ALWAYS do.

And that's one of the reasons I keep going back. The industry keeps changing and the learning never stops. And this conference is filled with information about both traditional publishing as well as indie and digital publishing options for writers, always focusing on the BUSINESS of being a writer. (Even though there is an intensive "craft day" now tacked on at the front of the conference)

Pic from VIP Dinner - Photo courtesy of Lauren Lang of Jacobin Photography

Apart from the presentations, panels and discussions I participated in, I also scooted around between sessions and in hallways and did a series of live Facebook videos of chats with various folks, including the founding faculty, guest instructors and other industry pros who were attending. It was part of my wanting to share, via my Stark Reflections/Stark Publishing brand, insights and tidbits of info for writers who couldn't be there.

Here's a brief video with some highlights of some of those hallway conversations.

[I should note that there will be a more professional video coming out about Superstars Writing Seminars, being created by an actual professional production company to include testimonials from instructors and attendees. Below is a pic from my own testimonial recording.]

Behind the scenes of the professional video shoot - video forthcoming

But back to my short clip video. It doesn't include the hilarious moment when Kevin J. Anderson and I were sharing some tidbits from a panel we had just finished on building your community and a well-intentioned Antlers Hotel staff member trying to help, grabbed my phone in order to get a better shot of us.

We cracked up for a moment, but then managed to keep going on the original track. (Given that Kevin and I are huge RUSH fans, we later expressed how it showed our ability to keep "Grace Under Pressure")

Here's a link to that video on Facebook:  The hilarious phone grab moment happens around 3:50.
Facebook Live Video (Mark and Kevin)

2018 Founding Faculty and Guest Instructors

In another amusing blooper-style moment, on the Saturday, feeling overwhelmed with the "fire-hose of information," I attempted to do a quick walking commentary on the importance of pausing in the middle of such an influx in order to process it. I was suggesting that talking a walk or perhaps going on a run was a great way to get the blood pumping and be able to absorb and reflect on the great information.

Pic from Opening night reception (I was trying hard not to be too much of a fan-boy while chatting with the awesome Jonathan Maberry) - Photo courtesy of Lauren Lang of Jacobin Photography

Of course, the spots I chose to do this in had spotty WiFi. So it took me three takes. I compiled them into a single video and added a few little extra touches (like a ghosted in cover of The Healthy Writer by Joanna Penn and Dr. Euan Lawson, since I mention it in my walking reflection), because, despite my silliness of the three takes, I think the message is important.

For anybody interested, next year, 2019, will be the 10th Anniversary of #SuperstarsWriting - You can be certain you'll see me there again, both sharing what I know, and continuing to learn great new things for so many fantastic people. - registration for next year is now open.

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