Monday, January 29, 2018

Returning to Lincoln City

I will be returning to Lincoln City at the end of February as part of the WMG Publishing Fiction River Anthology workshop. This is one of many amazingly informative and valuable workshops that Dean Wesley Smith and Kristine Kathryn Rusch teach.

In previous workshops, I pulled together the anthologies Editor's Choice, Feel the Fear and Feel the Love (forthcoming).

This year I'm reading for a new anthology focusing on superstitions.

Earlier today I was reminded of my last trip to Lincoln city in the fall of 2017. After M.L. Buchman (internationally best-selling military romance writer) and I had a delightful and delicious pizza dinner at Tie Dye Pie (formerly known as Humble Pie) . . .

Inside the awesome Tie Dye Pie pizza parlor - where customers are encouraged to write on the walls and ceiling

. . . we popped over to Bob's Beach Books where I did a quick Facebook live video sharing a story I had heard about the eerie portal to the lost continent of Lemuria that supposedly exists inside the bookstore. The story was from the chapter "The Portal" in Tomes of Terror: Haunted Bookstores and Library.

I accidentally hit one of the filters on the video before I started it up the live feed and didn't notice until I was rolling. But since I was live, I had to roll with it. (Yes, the pun IS completely intended) And I kind of like the eerie effect it offers.

I'm not sure if the portal is real or not, but the story behind the mysterious couple who arrived at the store late one afternoon looking for it is intriguing. And two things I DO know: The pizza on that strip is divine, and Bob's Beach Books is haunted by a pretty cool owner and staff, as well as by me when I'm in town twice a year.

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