Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Podcast - Prelude To A Scream Episode 03

I’ve just released the third episode in my Prelude To A Scream podcasts.



Have I mentioned that I’m having a lot of fun with podcasting? I started taking some of the learnings from the first two episodes of Prelude To A Scream and have started the recording of the audio version of my book One Hand Screaming. I’ve only just recorded the entire story “Browsers” as well as the notes for it. The good folks at want to ensure an author has at least 5 episodes of their book ready to go before taking them on (ie they want to ensure you’re actually going to finish) and I’m hoping to find the time to finish those up by the end of the summer. I would love to have my book out and circulating by the time Halloween arrives.

Episode 03 includes the opening few posts from my online serial thriller “I, Death” -- several weeks ago I recorded a test reading of Peter O’Mallick’s first couple of blog entries and had a friend at work listen to it. She said she liked it, but that the tone in the voice I’d used made it sound like Peter was on the verge of committing suicide (which is good, what I was striving for), but that it occasionally reminded her of Jack Black taking a character and scene over the top for humorous effect. (I ended up re-recording and toning it down a bit, as it was one of those rare times where I wasn’t trying to be funny)

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