Thursday, July 13, 2006

HNT - The Gift of Beer

I've never had so many brands of beer to choose from in my own private bar all at the same time before. On tap, I have Alexander Keith's and in the bottle I have Corona, Moosehead and Lakeport Honey.

But on top of that I have two special selections that were gifts.

Janice, an IBM consultant from California that I've been working with for the past few months brought a few bottles of the very special Reaper Ale brew that I'd discovered through my 365 Days of Beer Calendar and which is produced in her home State. And after reading Monday's post about my history with Molson Export, my neighbour Trish dropped off a case of that for me as a thank you for some chores I've helped with while her hubby and my good pal Chad recovers in the hospital.

So, this HNT post is for you, Janice and Trish!
(And of course a special "to your health" toast for Chad)

Refreshing like a nice cold beer, go visit Osbasso's blog
and find out more about Half-Nekkid Thursdays


Hope said...

Nekkid men and beer. What more could a gal want? ;)


Leesa said...

OH yum...a nekkid man and many beers :) What time is the party? HHNT ;)

Phain said...

aarrragghhh they stole my comments!!!! sheesh...dammit i'm going to say it anyway...

a nekkid man and beers....what more could a gal want?

*~*Happy HNT*~*

LushlyMe said...

Looks like my husband's version of HNT!

BTExpress said...

Man, I'm coming to your place! You have a great selection of brews. Or, you could bring them over here and we could have a pool party. Happy HNT!

Blondie... said...

I will be right over... We'll chase the sun right after we're drunk enough to fly!

lol ;-)

Happy HNT Mark!!

lecram sinun said...

I just had one myself ::burp:: Cheers and Happy HNT!

S said...

Mark have you seen that commercial for beer where the shopper is walking through the beer aisle and the beers are talking to him?

The Irish beer says something like, "Aye laddie....etc"

The Coors n shit like that says, "Yee haw drink me"

But my absolute favourite, and you wont be surprised, is the Kingfisher, Indias finest pale ale, who says, (Indian accent please) "Please purchase me immediately!"

OK IM dying I think its hilarious!

My other fave Beligain Kwak ale that will knock your socks off!
HHNT Mark!

Michelle said...

LOVE this HNT......A Canadian man and his's jsut natural :)


Anonymous said...

Hi I liked reading through your blog ,
thanks for sharing man,cool Hmmmmm :) .

Suze said...

Mark, make mine a large one!

Happy HNT sweetie ;)

Anonymous said...

At least I can see some of them bottles are still full... and you're naked too!



lime said...

great idea. it's beer heaven! now why don't you look any happier? lol. HHNT

Cosima said...

Cheers to that!

Happy HNT!

Katie :) said...

A beer for almost every taste!
Happy HNT

Oº°‘¨t®ãg‘°ºO said...

Toss in a Budweiser & I'm there! HHNT!

me said...

Mmmm, Moosehead. Haven't had that in awhile, but my friend did bring me some Sleeman from the Duty Free. I'll be in Canada in less than a week so I can stock up on all my favorite brews. Mmmm!

Happy Awesome HNT!

Wenchy said...

Thanks so much for the fabulous message on my HNT.

Btw, I think I recognize the beer on the right....... lol, not bad for Africa.

S said...

"Please purchase me immediately!"

LOL.....Shhh did beer today too!

Rainypete said...

Yeah, after that many I run around naked as well. Of course it's a race between me and everyone else. They drink to pass out for the horrible event takes place.

Anonymous said...

I'll take that Corona and slip in a shot of lime tequila ;) about fun in a bottle! :)


Georganna Hancock M.S. said...

That is just the sexiest shot I've seen in a loooong time. You have the biggest ... selection I've seen outside the local tavern. I'll have a Moosehead, thank you!