Thursday, July 06, 2006

HNT - Spud Wars Epilogue

Continued from HNT - Spud Wars The Conclusion

As father and son were celebrating the defeat (finally) of their foe, Darth Tater, they failed to hear the creaking of someone coming down the steps.

A shadow fell across them, and they both froze, wondering how they could possible be caught unawares, being so crafty and clever and cunning.

"What the heck is going on here?" A loud voice boomed through the basement.

Oh no! It was Francine. And she was rather angry.

"And WHAT have you done with the Darth Tater toy that I bought you for Christmas? You've completely destroyed it."

"But, hon, we . . . that is . . . I . . . er," Mark tried to stammer out an excuse while Alexander tried to crawl away and hide.

"I can understand this from Alexander. He's not even two yet. But YOU. You should learn to take better care of your things. Just look at that toy -- it's busted into a million pieces."

"But hon," Mark said in a whiny voice. "We were playing. You know, fun make believe stuff. It was good for father/son bonding. And besides, we got lots of people all over the world excited about the whole Darth Tater Spud Wars serial story."

Francine smiled, then started to laugh. "Well, okay, since you were using your imaginations, and also using the internet for purposes other than porn, I guess it's okay."

"Yaaaa!" Both Mark and Alexander said.

"Now c'mon. Get cleaned up. Supper is ready. I'm sure all this adventure and make-believe has given you a huge appetite. "

"Yummm," Mark said. "What are we having?"

"Tater tots!" Francine.

"Yaaaaaaa!" Both Mark and Alexander said, again.

The End

* please note that no actual toys or potatoes were harmed during the making of this serialized story. (Although Alexander did bang his knee, Mark got rug burn and Francine needed to take some advil)

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lime said...

BRAVO!!!!!! wild applause... encore encore! that was just so much fun and such a great ending. and it just looks like you all had so much fun doing this. you've got a beautiful family. thanks for sharing them with us and for all the laughs through this whole hilarious story. i LOVED it. HHNT!

Blondage said...

*standing ovation*

That was awesome Mark. Loved the series. LOVED IT!!!!


Leesa said...

So cute...HHNT!

lecram sinun said...

BRAVO! BRAVO ::and the crowd goes wild::

Phain said...

Wah??? You mean you can actually use the internet for something other than porn?? I've never heard of such attrocities!! ;)

*~*Happy HNT*~*

Anonymous said...

Awesome end to the story
I can't wait until the next series starts .. because you know you have to do another series .. please??


Sassy said...

Awesome! I do love the darth tater!
Happy HNT!

Blondie... said...

I loved this series so much. Not to sound silly but Alexander is getting so beautiful! He's nearly two??

Thanks for sharing and wooo! You're lucky Fran didn't spank you BOTH with a ladel! hehe

Happy HNT

Brown eyed girl said...

Awww, these are great pictures Mark!
Happy HNT!

Michelle said...

That was awesome!! Sooooo cool! hehe I love the pics :)


S said...

Nice to meet you, Mrs. Leslie!

Well, I am so glad that you are finally EATING those taters instead of letting them push you around!


Anonymous said...

I like any story that ends in "Yaaaaa!" I love any story that has a picture of a man and a boy obviously saying "Yaaaaa!" Makes me happy. Kudos!

Naughty K said...

Great series and what a cute kid..
Happy HNT!!!

Suze said...

So did you eat the enemy in the end? Francine knows that every army should march on a full tummy.

Happy HNT to you all ;)

212degreedesigns said...

tots tots, i want tots toooooo!


Rebecca said...

Are you gonna eat those tots?


Well done...on to the next adventure!!


Wenchy said...

Love this!!!! :o)

Fame said...

Bravo, I always liked happy endings!! HHNT to a cute dad and a cute boy!

Zephyr said...

Darn, I'm still waiting for the porn version of the story.

Maybe I need a "darth tater" toy, eh? *wink*

Lil Bit said...

LOL! *applause*

~*HHN4*~ & Farewell =)

Ameratis said...

oh no! What am I going to do next week with no Spud adventure...I will go into tater withdrawal!
Despite my pending withdrawal, terrific ending! Alexander is so cute! Francine is gorgeous! And of course we all know you are hot stuff!
I mourn the end but applaud the imagination. I am looking forward to more adventures....perhaps I will try one of my own :)

The Imp

HNB said...

What a mo' fabulous ending!