Friday, November 10, 2006

Evolving Creatures

As a horror writer, I haven't yet written a vampire story -- at least, not a vampire story that would be recognizable as using the traditional vampire mythology. Then, again, what is traditional mythology tends to change as different writers approach the classic horror creatures and add their own spin to it. My own werewolf character in the work-in-progress "A Canadian Werewolf in New York" is a blend of various werewolf mythologies that I've read over the years and include my own interpretation of the grander essence of werewolf.

And there's this unfinished novel that I started years ago about a vampire who walks around during the day. My theory was that a specific person's body chemistry might react with the vampire blood and cause a mutation.

That's why I'm curious to see this new DVD by Kevin VanHook called Slayer which involves a new species of vampires discovered in a South American jungle that are deadly by night AND day.

And if that isn't interesting enough, it co-stars Lynda Carter -- yes, the legendary Wonder Woman, yet another woman whom I grew up having a huge childhood crush on and who has aged very gracefully I might add. (Okay, I'll admit it, I never outgrew that crush -- I just outgrew the "suspension of disbelief" about the whole business where she flew around in this invisible airplane and that nobody could ever spot her suspended in thin air in a seated position)


lime said...

i also wanted to know how she didn't get dizzy spinning around like she did when she changed....

Kimberly said...

a friend and I once wrote a vampire novel together back in my university years. Whenever I dig it out now I cringe at our hokey writing styles. This was all back in the day when Interview with the Vampire came out in theatres.

I think every horror writer and fantasy writer eventually takes a stab at the classics. It's like paying homage to our roots!

Anonymous said...

first time here, I just wanted to say hi, ur blog is very interesting.
I used to call my girl Wonder woman
becouse when I get home she is not here (most of the time I arrive first)Soo I wonder where is my woman ?
Greetings from NY.

Franny said...

I used to wish Lynda Carter was my mom...then I wanted to grow up to be her. *Sigh*.

I am a superhero though, just my ride's in the shop - you should SEE what they charge to repair the catalytic converter on an invisible jet!