Friday, November 24, 2006

Wonderful Review of North of Infinity II

I was delighted to see a wonderful review of North of Infinity II by Elizabeth A. Allen at Tangent Online.

“I will make no bones about it North of Infinity II, edited by Mark Leslie, is the second best anthology I’ve read this year.”

“This Canadian collection deserves a place in your “To Read” pile.”

- Elizabeth A. Allen, Tangent Online review Nov 2006

But more delightful than the praise about the anthology as a whole was the way in which Allen went through and talked about what she liked about many of the stories within the anthology, even taking the time to spotlight stories by up and coming writers who are not likely to be known in science-fiction circles. She did a wonderful job of sharing the uniqueness of each tale without taking anything away from a potential reader. Nicely done.

It's easy for me, as the person who selected the stories for the anthology to be proud of them, and believe that they are all great tales by severely talented writers. It's another to have a reviewer recognize the strengths of the writers whose stories I have selected.

I feel like a proud father when someone else out there compliments his children. (Of course, I'm flattering myself when considering the stories by the contributors to NOI 2 adopted children of mine -- but that is a bit of what it feels like) I'm actually honoured to have the opportunity to collect and showcase the writing of such incredibly gifted writers, and delighted that these writers were willing to be a part of this anthology and make it the stellar collection that is it.

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