Tuesday, June 19, 2007

When Daddy Became Dad

I'm not sure how it happened, but a few weeks ago, Alexander started to call me "Dad" -- this came out of nowhere, as I still call myself "Daddy" to him, as does Francine. Yet there he was, determining, all on his own, that he was going to start calling me "Dad" -- he has also started to refer to Francine as "Mom" rather than "Mommy."

The cutest was about a week ago when I was getting up early to do some writing before getting ready to go in to work. I went into his bedroom to tuck him back under his blankets and he woke up, looked at me and said in a really soft voice: "Going to work, Dad?"

I said yes and told him to go back to sleep and within a second he was out. I was left with the wonder of how the little guy developed his own unique language use, seemingly independent of the language we were using.

Quite amazing -- while it's adorable and interesting, it's also a sign that my little baby is growing up. I mean, in the past couple of weeks, he has joined me on a Ferris Wheel without being the slightest bit afraid, rode on an elephant in order to ensure Mommy (whoops, sorry "Mom") felt safe, and rode on a junior roller coaster all by himself.

I think I'll go listen to Cat Stevens' "Cats in the Cradle" and have myself a good cry.


Anonymous said...

Keep the Cat Steven's CD handy...
There are about a thousand more times you'll be pulling that baby out :)

Rainypete said...

They grow so unbelievably fast that if you blink you just might miss something.

lime said...

has he tried out your first names yet? that's always fun, lol.

now that mine are teenagers there are a number of connotations behid various forms of address.

mommy=i love you, do you love me enough to indulge an outrageous request i am about to make or forgive me some egregious tresspass?

mom=everything is fine. life is groovy

mother=you are hopelessly outdated, seriously lacking in any level of intelligence about a dishrag and i can barely tolerate your presence right now.