Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Happy 50th Birthday Lego

Oh man - it's just like me to forget Lego's birthday yesterday. Sigh. I never mailed a card or even called; but I hope it's okay for me to wish Lego a Happy 50th birthday one day late!!!

The picture above is a Escher-style lego structure inspired by one of Escher's impossible stairway designs and created by Andrew Lipson. You can check out more of Andrew's cool lego creations here.

Hmm, Alexander is quite into Lego's junior larger style block Duplo -- but it's just a matter of a year or two before he's ready for the smaller sized bricks - oh man, I can't wait to go nuts buying tons and tons of Lego . . . er, I mean, it's great that I'll be able to help impart a proper sense of space and structural knowledge on my son by allowing him to play with this fun and educational toy.

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lime said...

i was so sad when my son decided he wasn't that into legos anymore. he's got BUCKETS full of them. oh, and wait till ya see the new gadgets they have, these things called bionicles. they are engineering marvels i tell ya.