Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Wheeling & Stealing

I just read a news short about two men in New York City who were arrested after wheeling a dead friend in an office chair through the streets to a Pay-o-Matic location to try and cash his Social Security cheque.

Apparently David Dalaia and James O'Hare, both 65, pushed O'Hare's dead room-mate Virgilio Cintron's body from a Manhattan apartment to a cheque-cashing store a block away. The body was flopping from side to side as they moved down the street, and the two of them had to keep propping him up while they slowly moved down the street, all of which started to attract attention. When they went inside to cash the cheque, a crowd had gathered outside the cheque-cashing venue.

A detective having lunch at a restaurant next door noticed the crowd and immediately recognized that Cintron was dead. He called uniformed police and EMS. Dalaia and O'Hare are facing fraud charges.

Poor Mr. Cintron. He dies of natural causes and his room-mate immediately schemes to steal from his dead friend. Crappy sort of luck.

But you can't help but smile at the antics of these two. It's sort of a "Banking With Bernie" sequel to the dark humour Weekend at Bernie's movie franchise. I must admit, it does inspire some dark humour/horror ideas in this twisted mind. I mean, if they got away with cashing the cheque, would they have proceeded to at least be courteous to take their friend out for lunch next door?


lime said...

LOL, wonder what a dead man would order for lunch?

Rainypete said...

That's just so wrong.....and kinda funny too.