Thursday, January 03, 2008

HNT - Alexander Leslie Photographer At Large

This year for Christmas, Santa brought Alexander a digital camera.

It's one designed perfectly for a three year old by Fisher Price and has already taken quite the beating (yet still works nicely) - this does two things - it allows Alexander to flex some creative muscle without Francine and I having a stroke watching Alexander handle our digital camera.

As an avid young "Peter Parker" Alexander has enjoyed running around the house and taking pictures of pretty much anything and everything. The digital camera holds about 50 pictures, and it takes him less than 3 minutes to fill it up. There are many great studies of the floors and walls of our house (although I must admit there are some pretty darn cool pictures of the ceiling fan in my Mom's kitchen)

I figured I'd let Alexander's snaps of me be featured in this week's HNT.

Here's a shot of me backlit in my Mom's kitchen. Kind of makes me look like a demented serial killer.

Here's another one of my in my Mom's kitchen, caught in the process of fixing myself a cup of coffee.

And here's one of me that Alexander is in, taken in our kitchen (by Alexander's cousin, my Godchild Madison) Beautiful backlighting, don't you think?

Well that's the way Alexander's camera saw the world this week. From all of us here at "Mark Leslie's Blog" goodnight.


BTExpress said...

Excellent job for a three year old. Next your going to have to teach him to download them to the computer your going to have to buy him, so he doesn't use yours. You better get the ones the military uses in the field or it won't last three minutes.

Happy HNT!

lime said...

aww, now how cool is that! as for the demented serial killer picture. you could use it as the cover art for a new horror book no?

what a great idea for a gift for Alexander and how neat that you used his pictures this week.


Charlie said...

i think young alexander definitely has a natural talent!

SeaRabbit said...

That shows a lot of creativity!!!

Zoely said...

LMAO you always post the coolest stuff.
HHNT babe!

tkkerouac said...

I bought one for Hailey in Pink
He will be a pro in no time
Happy New Year, Happy HNT!

Lapis Ruber said...

What fun! Happy HNT and Happy New Year.

Vixen said...

Awesome! :)


Bunny said...

Le Petite Artiste! These are wonderful! Looks like he has had a blast with his new camera. Go Alexander!!


Stealth said...

LOLOL!!! My most treasured pics are the ones being taken right now with the plastic hanna montana camera floating around here right now.

I might have to steal your hnt idea for next time, hehe.

Very cute!

Mariposa said...

Very sweet!

Rainypete said...

Apparently a popular gift. Santa brought Megan one in pink!

Moosekahl said...

What a cool idea! Welcome to the newest photographer. Happy HNT

lecram said...

I think the tyke has an excellent future... Cheers!

gregrob said...

Declan got the same camera on his 4th Birthday last spring from Papa (Grandpa Haynes). He has really enjoyed it. I put in an old SD card I had lying around and it will now hold about 13,000 pictures, so we don't ever bother erasing any.
The best use so far was a wedding we went to this summer. The camera made it's way through the hands of many many kids that day, and I collected the better images on my flickr page: Wedding, A Kid's View