Thursday, December 11, 2008

HNT - Hot Wing Sweat

You can tell I'm running out of time to pose and snap for the weekly HNT when I go digging back several months. But I did take a series of shots back in the summer that I had planned on using for an HNT post, but never ended up doing so . . .

. . . so thank goodness for such photos that I can dust off and post when time is tight.

To begin this series, there was a time when I was eager to try out the signature wings at 5 Alarm Wings (as evidenced in this post called "No wings for you" from back in July) -- but not too long after that, I brought home a killer order of these wings and have enjoyed not only the killer painful but also the multitude of phenomenal flavours offered by Five Alarm Wings.

After biting into the fourth or fifth wing (extremely painful and fun at that point), I broke into a terrible sweat. That, along with a running nose, watery eyes and hiccups, are often the sign of a good terribly hot and flavourful killer wing.

So I tried to snap a few shots of the sweat running down my face -- not all that successful on my Palm Treo because of the lower resolution image -- but in some of them you can see the trickle of sweat running down the side of my face.

What you can't see in the shots is evidence of the extreme burning pain on my lips and tongue.


Jennybean said...

I'll never understand painful food...

but more power to you!


Shibari said...

kisses for the lips to feel betta :)