Friday, July 18, 2008

Da Count - No Wings For You!

Last night, after weeks of yearning to place an order from the newly established Five Alarm Wings in Hamilton, I was told that there were no wings left -- that just prior to my call another customer had called and ordered every single wing they had left.

Basically: "No wings for you!"

But instead of being disappointed, I was pleased for this small business.

Let me explain.

I first learned about Five Alarm Wings during the first annual Hamilton wing fest earlier this summer (or was it late spring? I've never been good with the seasons except for being able to distinguish summer from winter) -- a week or so after wing fest, my neighbour Chad and I took a trip over to Five Alarm Wings where we ordered some wings and learned more about the business from the owners.

They make their sauces and dry rubs fresh from imported and locally grown ingredients (ie, their spices, etc aren't bought in jars or cans but are created right in house and prepared to perfection by the wing masters themselves. We talked about killer wing sauces and the guys let me sample one of their more deadly hot sauces while waiting for our order. It was among the best I've tasted. Chad and I immediately decided that these guys offered the wings of choice in Hamilton and would definitely be our "go to" place for great wings from here on in.

Unfortunately, I'd ordered one of their hotter dry rub wings the last time so Francine didn't get a chance to try them out. That's one of the reasons we were excited to be ordering from them.

But then I found out they'd run out of wings last night -- sigh.

I suppose the reason I'm not frustrated is that I'm happy to see a new small business get that kind of word of mouth about the quality of their wings that they'd sell out. A great problem for a small business to have (and hey, it also speaks to the fact that their wings are fresh -- fresh orders, high turn-over, etc which means better quality)

So, in a nutshell, I'm counting the fact that I wasn't able to get wings last night as a good thing, nah, a great thing pointing to the well deserved success of a great local business. :)


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lime said...

well that is indeed a terrific way to look at it. gotta love when a local place that offers quality goods or services does well.