Thursday, May 21, 2009

HNT - Backwards Reflection

I'm sitting in my hotel room in Montreal right now -- debating between heading downstairs to the fitness room and lifting some weights or perhaps working on a bit of writing.

Then I remembered it's Thursday - time to post an HNT pic.

Whoops - don't have a camera with me - but I do have my Palm Treo -- a quick scan of the pictures already on my Palm reveal the following image -- a picture Alexander snapped of me about a month ago when we were in Niagara Falls, NY. Francine was trying some new pants on Alexander in the dressing room, and to amuse my son, I pulled out the Palm and started snapping pictures.

Alexander, in turn, wanted to take a picture of his own and snapped this one of me.

Just a couple of four-year old minds keeping them selves amused while shopping for clothes.

Okay, it's about 6 AM now -- time to get my workout clothes and head downstairs. Or should I just flip over to WORD and work on that story I've been itching to finish?

Decisions, decisions . . .


BTExpress said...

His camera work is improving.

lime said...

hehehe, i like the way he's peeking over francine's shoulder.